During the podcast, Luci and I discussed a few online backup options. If you are considering one (or thinking of switching), I've written an article below about my two favorites: Backblaze and Crashplan:

One of my specialties is helping people back up and organize their images. And it gives me a great deal of satisfaction when clients tell me that they would have lost important data had they not worked with me to help them set up a reliable backup system.

If you are not backing up your images to at least one location outside of your home or studio (and at least two inside), you could be just one lighting strike, power outage, theft, flood or dropped drive from losing all (or many) of your precious images, videos and other files. 

So with that, I recommend a subscription to either CrashPlan.com or BackBlaze.com. Both offer highly regarded online backup solutions, and their most popular products offer unlimited data.

The cost of CrashPlan for Small Business is about $10 per month to upload unlimited data to CrashPlan's servers from one computer (includes external local drives that are directly attached to your computer). The cost of BackBlaze.com is about $6/month (or $60/yr) for a similar service.

I personally believe that Backblaze is a superior product. For most people, uploads are faster than CrashPlan, and I prefer their interface. That being said, for most of my clients, I recommend CrashPlan because they will never delete your images, video and other files from their system as long as you set the preferences up correctly (unlike some other providers, including Backblaze.com). Of course, no Cloud provider is perfect, and it's critical to have at least two other copies of your data, as I mentioned earlier.

On the topic of deleting files from their backups, Backblaze.com will start deleting your images from their servers (not your local drive/computer) after a certain time period (as little as 30 days) if the system notices that your media (usually one or more hard drives), has been disconnected. The same issue can happen if your computer has not been powered on for a while. You can read more about the specifics of when your data may be deleted from their servers on their website here

I hope that you've found this information helpful. 

Please note: I receive no compensation for any of my Cloud provider recommendations.

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